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Monika Fiby  

This legacy of Stephen Butler‘s longterm work for Dublin Zoo is the first book about zoo ecology and condensed wisdom about zoo horticulture, particularly in climatic areas similar to Ireland. With his distinct style and sense of humour, Stephen traces an important period of zoo history prototypically from simple barren pits and cages to complex animal habitats. He describes how to observe the relationship between plants, animals and visitors, patiently arranging this relationship with small interventions step by step, amazement and appreciation of natural processes and the trials and errors of making sustainable use of them. These are much needed aspects of zoo design and operation making this book an enjoyable gem box for many audiences – food for thought about gardening and our role in and our understanding of nature. It is inspiration for everybody interested in ecology, horticulture or zoos. 

Chief Editor, Founder, and Manager of ZooLex Design Organisation

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